If you answered yes, then take a deep breath and say, “Hello, my name is _________ and I want more creativity for my brand!”

After 30 years of working with client branding, we have concluded one thing: there are way too many branding rules out there.

Rules have a place, but we’ve seen too many companies where the rules are so stringent that everything looks exactly the same. The message is lost and the brand is stifled.

That’s where the “art of branding” comes in – something Cataleno & Company has taken years to perfect. Your brand is alive. And, while it needs to be consistent, it also needs to be allowed to grow and adapt to the world and marketplace.

Remember, guidelines are just that – guidelines. Realize where your branding guidelines end and where the need for creativity begins. The art of branding allows your brand to evolve and develop, keeping it interesting to you and your market.

How do we do it?

It’s all in the chemistry. Your brand has a chemistry – colors, fonts, shapes and copy all work together to convey your product, your message, the kind of company you are, and how you are perceived. Like a great wardrobe, these tools can be used in a variety of ways to produce diverse styles without changing your core brand personality.

Breathe life into your brand. Call Cataleno & Company today.


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